The Mystery of Salt Lake City’s Missing Church Stained Glass Windows

The Cathedral of the Madeline is a well-known church in Salt Lake City. The cathedral has existed for over one hundred years and is one of the oldest buildings in the city. Its magnificent Roman Gothic architecture, beautiful murals, and giant rose window have attracted the attention of the public for years, making it a popular tourist destination.

While many know of the Cathedral of the Madeline, few people are familiar with its more intimate story and its missing church stained glass windows. At Salt Lake City Stained Glass, we were immediately intrigued when we found out about this tale and decided to investigate it further.

cathedral of the madeline

Construction of the Cathedral of the Madeline

When plans for constructing the Cathedral of the Madeline were still in beginning phases, stained glass windows were already part of the discussion. Reverend Lawrence Scalan wanted each wall of the church to have five stained glass windows. The imagery of the stained glass was to correlate with the mysteries of the rosary. The West nave would have the joyful mysteries, the East would have the glorious mysteries, and the north would have the sorrowful mysteries.

Today, the Reverend’s vision can be seen in real life. The church looks exactly as envisioned, with just one exception. The stained glass windows in the north are missing. No one knows exactly why they were removed or where they went. Today, in their place are two newer windows with a more contemporary abstract design. But where did the original stained glass go and why would the revered have them commissioned to be taken away when he was the one who came up with the idea for the church design in the first place?

About the Missing Stained Glass

No one knows why the church stained glass in Salt Lake City was removed or where it was taken to once it was extracted from the church. Historians, however, have uncovered documents that reveal what the stained glass looked like. So if someone were to find them today, historians would be able to match the photographs with the stained glass windows and confirm their identity. However, the location of the stained glass still remains a mystery. Only time will tell if it will ever be solved.

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