Temple & Church Stained Glass

Church and Temple Stained Glass

Traditionally stained glass has always been a big consideration when building a Church or Temple. All the way back to the 15th century when stained glass gained popularity in Europe the first buildings to incorporate this new art were churches. Unfortunately the reformation of the church during the reign of King Henry VIII coupled with 2 World Wars led to the destruction of 90% of the old glass but the art form has never been lost and in terms of todays Churches and Temples it has become more popular than ever.

At Scottish Stained Glass the achievement we are most proud of in our 25 year history is the fact that we are one of the very few stained glass studios to be chosen as approved contractors by the LDS Church.

Over the years Scottish Stained Glass has worked on hundreds of church glass projects all over the USA: From the Archbishop of Denver’s private chapel to the Ft. Collins LDS Temple; From the Chabad of Dallas Synagogue to the Houston Hindu Temple; and from Baptist Churches in the south to Catholic, Presbyterian, Lutheran, Episcopalian, Anglican and just about every religion you can think of in Utah, Colorado, Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Nevada, California and 38 states across the country.

Not only is every religion different but every church is different within each religion. Leaders of the churches have a vision which they often like to translate into glass. At Scottish Stained Glass much of our success has come from our ability to listen. We obviously have ideas but listening to what our clients are telling us allows us to present ideas based on the things our clients really want to see in their stained glass.

Church stained glass window restoration is another area in which we have a wealth of valuable experience. As older church windows reach the 80-100 year old range the church leaders have to decide whether to replace or restore the stained glass. At Scottish we prefer the preservation of old glass and will provide free expert advice to any church or religious organization looking to work on a stained glass restoration project.

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