Kitchen Stained Glass

Kitchen Stained Glass in Salt Lake City

As we all know the best parties always end up in the kitchen so why not show off your kitchen with some amazing stained glass designs.

If your kitchen windows face your neighbors house then you have two issues. Firstly the view of the side of another house is not always pleasant and secondly there is a potential privacy issue. You can not only solve these 2 issues but do it in a beautiful way with the addition of stained glass. from a design standpoint the kitchen is often a place in the home to introduce a bit more color than perhaps the other areas of the home. Homeowners will often have decorated with colors which can then be replicated or complimented in the stained glass.

Kitchen cabinet stained glass has many interesting possibilities. For example did you know that in most cases we can take your existing cabinets, cut the middle out and insert a beautiful stained or leaded glass piece. With new cabinets you just order them as blanks ready for glass and again we will take care of the rest. The designs used in kitchens will depend upon the what you want to achieve. For example do you have glass ware that you want to show off within the cabinets or on the contrary do you have items within the cabinets that you want to hide. Scottish Stained Glass can accommodate both scenarios. In the first case we would suggest taking a leaded glass approach and using clearer glasses which you can see through into the cabinet beyond. In the 2nd case the use of colored glass or more heavily textured colorless glass will achieve the desired effect and prevent unwanted viewing into the cabinet.

We can even make kitchen stained glass back splashes using mirrored bevel tiles as you can see from one of the pictures opposite.

A stained glass ceiling presents some challenges but is worthy of consideration as a way to make a stunning design statement in the kitchen. Stained glass ceilings need a light source to show off the beauty to it’s full effect so Scottish Stained Glass will create a light box above the ceiling from which to shine LED lights through. the glass. Lead is a very soft material to work with so stained glass ceilings need to be properly reinforced and supported from above to ensure the glass will last a lifetime.

Our expert designers are more than happy to meet you in the comfort of your own kitchen to discuss your next stained glass project.

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