Bathroom Stained Glass

Bathroom Stained Glass Salt Lake City

Most homeowners have a dilemma when it comes to having windows in the bathroom. On the one hand it’s nice to have natural light streaming through to brighten up the room and make it easier to see i the mirror as you get ready for the day ahead. On the other hand you need privacy and don’t want the world outside to see you and your family. Other types of window treatments can be either impractical or unsightly. Wood blinds will warp over time with the moisture. Similarly the moisture from a shower would lead to mold growing on curtains, fabric blinds and sheers. If you have a window above the tub them window blinds are difficult to constantly open and close. So what tends to happen is they are kept closed all the time and the “window” turns into a “wall” with no light coming in.

Fortunately, stained glass is the perfect solution for all these issues. With the use of textured glass and a multitude of design styles to choose from homeowners can have almost complete privacy but still have natural light coming into the room. Unlike other forms of glass such as Glass Block, stained glass in not only functional but is also beautiful. It could allow you to turn a problem window into a gorgeous design statement.

If you are building a new home we will work with your contractor and designer from the moment you break ground. By looking at the plans for your new home in advance we can seek out appropriate places to suggest some extra sparkle that stained glass can provide.

In Salt Lake City we seem to be building many of our homes closer and closer together so having the ability to close ourselves off from the outside world now and again is one of the great benefits of stained glass. Bathroom windows are often at the side of the home and can face directly at your neighbors house.

Scottish Stained Glass has thousands of leaded glass and stained glass windows for Salt Lake City homeowners to choose from. Our designers will come to your home for maximum convenience and design your new bathroom stained glass window right there and then. We install all the glass ourselves and offer you a streamlined turnkey process that our clients have come to love.

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