When Should You Repair the Stained Glass in Salt Lake City Temples?

The stained glass housed in Salt Lake City temples often showcase meaningful imagery with powerful individualized messages for each worshipper that sees them. It’s pertinent to maintain these beautiful antiques since they can be such a large part of the worship process and can add equity for your Salt Lake City temple. We always like to recommend stained glass restoration around the 75 year to 100 year mark.

Signs of Stained Glass Deterioration in Your Salt Lake City Temple

Stained glass can showcase a multitude of deterioration signs, signaling its time for restoration. If you see a film of white dust on the stained glass window itself, that’s often a sign of lead deterioration. After so many decades, pieces of your temple stained glass can begin to warp into concave and convex shapes. Pieces of your stained glass can even fall out of the window itself, feature discoloration or a yellowing tint, and showcase scratches or dirt buildup. The lead came which frames the stained glass window can also begin falling apart and disintegrating, loosening the entire structure. If you’re not sure you witness deterioration, please call Salt Lake City Stained Glass. We’d be happy to send one our stained glass artisans to assess your stained glass and determine if it’s a candidate for repair, restoration, or replacement.

Stained Glass Ceiling Restoration – Montrose, Colorado (1) from Salt Lake City Stained Glass on Vimeo.

Salt Lake City Temple Stained Glass Restoration Process

Stained glass restoration begins with an on-site assessment, determining the causes of deterioration in order to customize your restoration plan. Our acclaimed process begins with removing your stained glass windows and carefully returning them to our stained glass repair studio. The stained glass is soaked for up to two weeks in soap blend in order to remove all impurities and to disassemble the stained glass piece by piece. From there, each piece is replaced or restored and new lead came is produced. We utilize a black cement and reinforcement glass to ensure your stained glass lasts another century.

For more information regarding temple stained glass restoration in the Salt Lake City area, please contact us or call: (801) 895-2954