Tips & Advice for Incorporating Stained Glass in Your Salt Lake City Kitchen

Adding stained glass to your Salt Lake City kitchen can be beneficial for many reasons. Stained glass windows create privacy from neighbors, can increase the resale value of a home, and add color and visual interest to kitchens that lack character. Deciding how you want your stained glass to look and where you want to put it in your kitchen can be a hard decision. That’s why we’re here offer our advice!

Mix the Old With New for A Stylish New Kitchen

First, it’s important to understand that incorporating stained glass doesn’t mean you have to redo your entire kitchen. In fact, most professional designers will recommend mixing existing features with stained glass. Not only can this save you money on your kitchen remodel, but it can also have an interesting aesthetic effect.

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Adding stained glass next to something more modern looking like a stainless steel appliance or wood cabinets creates contrast. There are many ways you can do this. By replacing ordinary cabinet or pantry doors with stained glass, you can create a beautiful focal point in your kitchen. Or, if you have a white kitchen, consider a colorful vintage stained glass window to add diversity to your kitchen design.

Easy Stained Glass Installation for Kitchen Cabinets

If the idea of replacing your old cabinet doors with stained glass seems like a hassle to you, don’t let this turn you away from using stained glass entirely. Instead, consider working with a local stained glass studio for your project as opposed to getting everything you need from the hardware store and doing it all yourself. Letting a profession install your stained glass cabinet doors can save you time and stress and also make sure your renovations get completely correctly.

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Start Redesigning Your Kitchen Today

Now is the perfect time of year to start planning your project. Call Kansas City Stained Glass today to get started on designing a beautiful new look for your kitchen! We look forward to hearing from you soon and working with you on your upcoming project!

Martin Faith is a talented artist, visionary, and collector of antique stained glass windows. Prior to moving to the United States, Martin worked as a stained glass artisan in Glasgow. There, he spent many years cultivating his skills and learning the techniques and history behind the centuries old art form. Today, he is the proud owner of Salt Lake City Stained Glass, the largest and most highly renowned stained glass studio in Utah. Over the past 30 years, Martin and his team have produced over 50,000 stained and leaded glass windows ranging in size, style, and appearance. His company has been highlighted on various media outlets including HGTV, the DIY Network, CBS, and NBC.