Celtic Style Leaded Glass Transoms for Your Salt Lake City Home

Celtic style leaded glass transoms are a wonderful way for you to celebrate your heritage in your Salt Lake City home. These beautiful additions are such a unique, artistic touch, making your Salt Lake City home really stand out! Even if you’re not of Celtic descent, Celtic art can be embraced by any Salt Lake City homeowner!

Why Celtic Style Leaded Glass in Your Salt Lake City Home?

Celtic artwork is most prominently known for its knot work and interlacing patterns, including circles, triskeles, and spirals. Celtic artwork is ornamental, curvilinear, and often involves complex, heavy symbolism. The intertwined lines often symbolized eternal life. In modern day, many Salt Lake City homeowners choose to display Celtic infinity knot work, symbolizing a never-ending, infinite marriage or powerful family bond.

Whatever symbolic meaning you may want to convey in your Salt Lake City home, we’ve got you covered. Our portfolio features hundreds of Celtic style leaded glass and stained glass options, meaning whether you’re looking for something to duplicate with your own twist or looking for inspiration for your own custom Celtic piece, our design team is well equipped to create your design.

Benefits of Celtic Style Leaded Glass Transoms

Leaded glass, a clear, textured stained glass, gives any Salt Lake City homeowner a multitude of design options for their Celtic style transoms. Transoms often allow that beautiful Salt Lake City sunshine into your home, giving you the opportunity to really take advantage of leaded glass. Leaded glass also offers a privacy factor, blocking out any unwanted views from your neighbors no matter what level they’re on.

Leaded glass transoms are a great renovation idea for adding delicate, elegant touches to your home. Celtic style leaded glass offers any Salt Lake City homeowner the opportunity to display significant symbolism in their homes as well.

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