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Salt Lake City Stained Glass owner Martin Faith has designed stained glass installments for clients all over the United States. Learn more about our roots and why we love stained glass.

salt-lake-city-stained-glass-martin-faithOver 25 years ago, founder and owner Martin Faith came to the United States from his home in Glasgow, Scotland. While he brought very little with him on that first trip, he did bring a love for stained glass windows. Scotland being one of the glass capitols of Europe, Martin had grown up surrounded by beautiful stained and leaded glass in churches, public buildings, and even homes. He’d seen windows of all shapes, sizes, styles, and colors. When he came to the United States though he found that very few people here thought about stained glass in their modern homes. Seeing an opportunity, he started a business installing leaded and beveled glass in sidelights, transoms, doors, cabinets, and many other places throughout the home.

Today Scottish Stained Glass has become the largest stained glass studio of its kind in the United States. While we do serve numerous commercial and religious clients with the highest quality stained glass construction, repair, and restoration, our main business has become working with homeowners to bring our custom designed, original stained glass artwork into residences across the nation.

Our branch in Salt Lake City proudly serves all of these consumers. Our residential business provides many homeowners throughout the neighborhoods with leaded glass sidelights, transoms, and bathrooms windows that ensure privacy and safety for their large, modern windows. In the center of the city and throughout the mountain region, we repair and restore the antique “prairie” and Frank Lloyd Wright inspired glass that is so common in older homes. We also work with Temples and Churches in Salt Lake City, Ogdon, Provo, and throughout Utah on both original religious designs as well as restoration projects.

Whatever the size of your stained glass project, contact us today to schedule your complimentary consultation. We look forward to meeting you!

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