The Simple Fast Process Of Installing Stained Glass Inserts On Your Salt Lake City Home Stained Glass Inserts Are Lovely And Easy

The Simple Fast Process Of Installing Stained Glass Inserts On Your Salt Lake City Home Stained Glass Inserts Are Lovely And Easy

Stained Glass Inserts On Your Salt Lake City Home

A lot of people consider having stained glass installed on their homes and brush off the idea because they think it is a long, drawn-out process and ultra expensive too.  While stained glass does not come cheap, the amount of value it adds to your Salt Lake City home is well worth the investment.  However, in regards to the process, homeowners in the Salt Lake City area will be surprised to find out that the addition of decorative stained glass to their home by way of leaded glass inserts, is easy, fast and as beautiful as any other stained glass installation method.  It also happens to be an installation method we use frequently here at Salt Lake City Stained Glass.

What are Stained And Leaded Glass Inserts?

Essentially stained and leaded glass inserts are stained glass and lead separators that are bonded right onto the frames of your home’s windows.  Not only beautiful but absolutely lovely, they make the stained glass installation process fast, simple and readily accessible to nearly any window on your home.

What is does the process for stained glass inserts entail?

For bonded stained glass inserts the process is simple and installation is done in as little as one day.

First, the glass is cleaned completely and all debris is thoroughly removed to ensure tight bonding.  Special care is taken not to wet the frame of the window lest moisture be trapped underneath the glass.  After a dry fit to make sure the window fits perfectly, the stained glass piece we at Salt Lake City Stained Glass have custom create for you is installed bevel side facing in by using specially formulated l ¼” or ½” window tape.  Next, the tape hung window is masked off and caulk is applied to the small gap between the stained glass window to adhere it permanently.  All of this application takes less than an hour in most cases and you are left with a gorgeous stained glass window to give your home the character and charm you have always wanted.

Check out our installation video here.

For more information on how you can have a stained glass window of your very own, Contact Salt Lake City Stained Glass today!

Celtic Style Leaded Glass Transoms for Your Salt Lake City Home

Celtic style leaded glass transoms are a wonderful way for you to celebrate your heritage in your Salt Lake City home. These beautiful additions are such a unique, artistic touch, making your Salt Lake City home really stand out! Even if you’re not of Celtic descent, Celtic art can be embraced by any Salt Lake City homeowner!

Why Celtic Style Leaded Glass in Your Salt Lake City Home?

Celtic artwork is most prominently known for its knot work and interlacing patterns, including circles, triskeles, and spirals. Celtic artwork is ornamental, curvilinear, and often involves complex, heavy symbolism. The intertwined lines often symbolized eternal life. In modern day, many Salt Lake City homeowners choose to display Celtic infinity knot work, symbolizing a never-ending, infinite marriage or powerful family bond.

Whatever symbolic meaning you may want to convey in your Salt Lake City home, we’ve got you covered. Our portfolio features hundreds of Celtic style leaded glass and stained glass options, meaning whether you’re looking for something to duplicate with your own twist or looking for inspiration for your own custom Celtic piece, our design team is well equipped to create your design.

Benefits of Celtic Style Leaded Glass Transoms

Leaded glass, a clear, textured stained glass, gives any Salt Lake City homeowner a multitude of design options for their Celtic style transoms. Transoms often allow that beautiful Salt Lake City sunshine into your home, giving you the opportunity to really take advantage of leaded glass. Leaded glass also offers a privacy factor, blocking out any unwanted views from your neighbors no matter what level they’re on.

Leaded glass transoms are a great renovation idea for adding delicate, elegant touches to your home. Celtic style leaded glass offers any Salt Lake City homeowner the opportunity to display significant symbolism in their homes as well.

Call today to schedule an in-home consultation on how Celtic style leaded glass transoms can really transform your Salt Lake City home: (801) 895-2954

Tiffany Style Stained Glass For Your Salt Lake City Home

Tiffany Style Stained Glass Salt Lake City

At Salt Lake City Stained Glass we often hear the term “Tiffany Glass” Or “Tiffany Style” Stained Glass” which is a style was pioneered, invented and refined in the Tiffany studios between 1878 to 1933 at the Tiffany Studios. Louis Comfort Tiffany and a team of other designers, like Clara Driscoll, inspired by Roman and Syrian stained glass, were driven to create a richer toned, unpainted stained glass. They wanted the glass itself to transmit texture and rich colors and succeed in doing this with a glass type product called Favrile. The Tiffany style has since become a beloved American look and one we at Salt Lake City Stained Glass get requests for quite frequently.

Choosing A Tiffany Style Stained Glass Technique

We get many requests from Salt Lake City homeowners looking for an air of elegance and sophistication by adding Tiffany style stained glass to their entryway or bedroom windows. We, at Salt Lake City Stained Glass not only have the know-how for such a refined style, we are always happy to use such a well-loved and beautiful style such as Tiffany for inspiration and for your edification have outlined some different inspiring Tiffany looks and techniques below.

Opalescent glass: The term “opalescent glass” is commonly used to describe glass where more than one color is present. It is very shiny with an almost raw pearl-like quality.

Favrile Glass: Often has a distinctive characteristic that is common in some glass from Classical antiquity: it possesses a superficial iridescence. This iridescence causes the surface to shimmer but also causes a degree of opacity.

Ripple Glass: Ripple glass refers to textured glass with marked surface waves. Tiffany made use of such textured glass to represent, for example, water or leaf veins.

These are all common inspirations for us here at Salt Lake City Stained Glass but there are many other Tiffany Style stained glass looks and textures too. The one common thread is they are all beautiful! If you are like many in the Salt Lake City area who admire the gorgeous Tiffany Glass and want the same beauty and elegance in your home, Contact us today at Salt Lake City Stained glass for a free design consultation and expedient pricing.

How Stained Glass Can Beautify Your Park City Kitchen Cabinets, Pantry, or Wine Cellar

Did you know that stained glass can actually make a charming addition to your kitchen? In fact, many higher end properties and homes in Park City have stained glass kitchen cabinets, pantries, and wine cellars. Stained glass can be a great way to add color to your kitchen and give it a more eloquent, upscale look. There are many different styles to choose from and you can even have your stained glass custom designed.
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Celebrate the Change of Seasons in Salt Lake City with Aspen Stained Glass

With temperatures dipping into the mid 60’s this week, it’s clear that fall is just around the corner for the Salt Lake Valley. And with the change of seasons comes a change in the beautiful natural landscape that surrounds Utah’s great capitol. Indeed, now is one of the most magical times of year in Salt Lake City as the leaves begin to change to a beautiful magical orange, gold, and red hues. And what better way to commemorate this perfect time than with an aspen stained glass window?!
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Will The Stained Glass Windows On My Salt Lake City Home Fade?

Is The Stained Glass In Your Salt Lake City Home Fading?

At Salt Lake City Stained Glass, our mission is to create gorgeous, custom stained glass windows that will last for generations to come. And, when properly cared for all of our windows will. Not coincidently we also do stained glass repair and restoration for homes and churches in Salt Lake City and the surrounding areas. We like to think of ourselves as the local stained glass experts and if you ask any of our former clients they will surely agree! As experts, we have the job of fielding different questions about proper stained glass care, upkeep, and maintaining of appearances. One inquiry we often get is whether stained glass fades. Many Salt Lake City home owners want stained glass but are understandably concerned that in the high altitude environments like Salt Lake City, the harsh UV rays will fade them. Others already have stained glass and think it is looking dull. Read on below to find out if stained glass fades and if so, why?

Will Stained Glass Fade?

The colors of actual stained glass windows do not fade over time. But, all stained glass is not the created the same way; there are a number of different “stained glass methods, like glazing, painting and laminating that does react UV light. In order to be colorfast, the color in stained glass typically must be baked in at a very high temperature, otherwise, it could fade from long term exposure to UV light.

If Stained Glass Doesn’t Fade Why Does Mine Look Dull?

Until we actually inspect your stained glass we cannot say for sure why it looks dull. However, assuming you do have faceted stained glass pieces, it is likely dulling because of weather conditions, indoor and outdoor man-made pollution, and biological damage caused by pests such as pigeons, bats, and various microorganisms. This means your stained glass simply needs to be cleaned in order to restore that sheen you love so much.

Why Doesn’t Stained Glass Fade?

When stained glass is made, materials that make the stained glass, like sand, are heated to a very high temperature which causes the silica molecules to incorporate into its molecular structure. The color depends on what other minerals are present. Once the glass is cooled, the molecular structures are “locked” in and only high heat will unlock it.

Stained glass windows are very durable and will last over 100 years before needing serious repair. It is a wonderful art form that will stand the test of time. When windows need to be repaired it is usually the frames and the leading that end up needing it. Even in you have a broken or chipped piece of glass, this can be easily replaced or remedied.

Salt Lake City’s Stained Glass Experts

If you have stained glass that looks dull, is sagging or has visible chips in it, contact Salt Lake City Stained Glass for a free on-site evaluation of your Salt Lake City homes stained glass windows and to schedule a restoration right away. The best way to preserve your lovely stained glass is preventative maintenance and Salt Lake City Stained Glass is just the pro for the job!

Stained Glass Signage Beautifies Salt Lake City Stores & Restaurants

Set your store or restaurant apart from the competition with a beautiful stained glass sign from Salt Lake City Stained Glass. Stained glass signs are strike the perfect balance between classy and contemporary and are the perfect way to create a vintage or antique look for your business. They add elegance and beauty to any type or style of architecture, making them perfect for retail stores, restaurants, and hotels alike.
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Painted Glass Transoms Feature Utah’s Stunning Natural Landscape

At Salt Lake City Stained Glass, the requests we receive for stained glass designs vary extensively. No window we create is like the next, but that’s part of what makes our work fun and exciting. Recently, we had the pleasure of working on a very special and unique project for a homeowner in Holladay that was celebrating his retirement. The project? Designing and creating two painted glass panels, one of Arches National Park and one of a countryside landscape near Park City.
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How To Clean The Stained Glass On Your Salt Lake City Home

Can I Clean The Stained Glass On My Salt Lake City Home Myself

You love your Salt Lake City Home’s stained glass–you are not alone a lot of people who own stained glass absolutely love it and want to keep it looking good for a long time.  This is probably why we get a lot of questions from people in the Salt Lake City area, looking to find out how to care of their stained glass windows–new and old.  Simply wiping down your stained glass windows with a dry cloth regularly goes a long way believe it or not.  However, you can also wash your stained glass yourself.  However, if your stained glass is in anyway damaged already you should leave it a professional, lest you end up damaging it further.  For windows free of damage, here are a few pointers on how to clean your Salt Lake City home’s stained glass and get it looking as beautiful as it was meant to be!

Steps To Cleaning Your Salt Lake City Home’s Stained Glass

  1. Start by running a soft dry cloth across the glass.  Stained glass is actually very durable but use care as older windows may have loose panels.  If you come across a broken, cracked or loose pane of glass be sure to call Salt Lake City Custom Stained Glass to repair the piece and finish the cleaning.
  2. Once the bulk of the dust and dirt has been removed with a dry cloth, switch to soap and water.  Make sure to use an ammonia-free, vinegar-free, non-abrasive, pH-neutral cleaner
  3. Start from the top of the window and work your way down, cleaning each pane within the leaded frames individually.  Feel free to scrub but do not press on the glass too hard, lest it crack.
  4. After you finish each panel, go back with a cotton swab to clean the by the leaded perimeter using a circular “scoop and lift” method to get the grime by the lead.
  5. Dry the section you cleaned with a soft, lint-free cloth and move on to the next section

*Don’t forget to put a towel down on the ledge of your window to keep the water from ruining your wood frame.

**Also Be aware that leaded glass windows contain lead, which can be dangerous to you and especially to children when it is ingested or becomes airborne.  As such we recommend wearing gloves and using proper disposal techniques for any cloth, swab, water or container used in the process.

Salt Lake City’s Stained Glass Expert

The process above is a simple one but admittedly a fairly long and delicate process that takes time.  Don’t be too intimidated by your stained glass, it is actually fairly durable.  However, use common sense, if you don’t feel comfortable or have all the proper equipment have Salt Lake City Stained Glass do the work.  We are stained glass experts and we can come repair, replace and clean stained glass to professional standards.  Contact us today for more information on stained glass cleaning and to schedule a consultation.

A Unique & Elegant Salt Lake City Home Begins With Stained Glass Transom Windows

Stained Glass Windows For A Unique Salt Lake City Home

Everybody who owns a home wants it to be unique–especially in neighborhoods that are built by the same builder and have very similar aesthetics. It seems like people will do a variety of different things, some beautiful, others tacky, to get their house stand out from a sea of suburban Salt Lake City homes. Fountains, pink flamingos, unique landscaping and more are all ways suburbanites try to “dress up” their homes to make them less homogeneous and more one of a kind. If you are one of the many people living in the Salt Lake City area and looking for a way to make your home sing, don’t run out and buy those lawn gnomes just yet because at Salt Lake City Stained Glass we have a more refined and practical solution for you–stained glass transom windows.

What Is A Transom Window?

Transom windows are the windows above the main windows in your house. They are often semicircle but can also be other shapes like rectangular, as well. They are intrinsically elegant but can be even more attractive when made of stained glass.

Why Should I Put Stained Glass In My Transom Windows?

As we mentioned before, finding something to make your house stand out in a beautiful and elegant way can be difficult. If you look around Salt Lake City you can see people doing it right and errr…doing it way wrong. With stained glass transom windows, you simply cannot go wrong. These windows are classy and add a unique beauty to the inside and outside of any home. They are easily visible from the street and truly a one-of-a-kind addition to any home in nearly any neighborhood. They are functional as well and can help protect your home from being penetrated by outside eyes.

With all the benefits of stained glass transom windows for your Salt Lake City home, it really is a “no-brainer” decision to have them installed. So stay clear of questionable lawn art to spruce up your Salt Lake City home and contact us at Salt Lake City Stained Glass for a free estimate today!