From Dallas to Barcelona: Stained Glass Masterpieces Around the World

From Dallas to Barcelona: Stained Glass Masterpieces Around the World

Stained glass is something which is undoubtedly deemed to be a masterpiece in itself. Regardless of the way it is designed or where you find it, it’s bound to capture your attention and leave you in awe.

The art of glass making has been practiced for hundreds of years. While all stained glass windows are beautiful and can be appreciated, there are some that have left a greater impression than others. Artisans have painstakingly worked to create highly intricate and complex stained glass works. Today, many of these pieces are considered to be masterpieces by the art community.

In this article, we’ll discuss some of the most beautiful and famous stained glass masterpieces located around the world.

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Best Stained Glass Churches:The Ultimate Bucket List for Stained Glass Lovers

The World’s Most Beautiful Stained Glass Churches

Stained glass windows are a unique art form that elevate the beauty in our churches and cathedrals across the globe. They take our breath away and strike awe into our hearts, making even the most unholy of us pause for a moment and recognize the divine. Stained glass lovers will want to add the following churches to their bucket lists and start planning their trips to these sites of the some of the world’s best church stained glass.

Chartres Cathedral, also known as the Cathedral of Our Lady of Chartres, is a Roman Catholic church in Chartres, France. This gorgeous church was built to accommodate 176 stained glass windows, which illuminate the interior with colorful beams of light. One of the most famous stained glass windows in the world is in Chartres Cathedral, the glorious rose window depicting the birth of Christ.



Another church not to be missed for its stained glass windows is York Minster, one of the most spectacular and largest of all European cathedrals. Located in York, England, York Minster is home to the Great East Window (finished in 1408), the largest expanse of medieval stained glass in the world. Its apocalyptic scene was designed by John Thornton. There is also a heart-shaped design affectionately known as The Heart of Yorkshire. Make sure you add York Minster to your list for the greatest church stained glass.

Salt Lake City Church Stained Glass

Salt Lake City is another city that tourists and locals alike recognize for its religious architecture, a huge part of which is stained glass windows. Salt Lake City Stained Glass, the local branch of Scottish Stained Glass, has been proudly serving Salt Lake City and all of central Utah with quality church stained glass for nearly 25 years. Contact us for all your religious, residential, and commercial stained glass needs, whether it’s conceptual design, repair, or restoration.

Where to Start? Renovating Your Tooele Church Stained Glass

From Old West roots to the mining boom and the town’s military partnership, Tooele is in touch with its history. It’s no wonder, then, that its historic churches feature beautiful stained glass, a long-lasting art form going back centuries. In local Tooele churches, spiritual stained glass images inspire congregations. Restoration is one essential method of preserving your church’s stained glass for years to come, offering spiritual inspiration to church attendees for upwards of a century. But how can you tell when your church’s stained glass needs revitalization?

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5 Examples of Beautiful Stained Glass in Utah

Utah is definitely acclaimed for all its wonderful, unique stained glass collections. Stained glass has been used as an expressive art form throughout time for religious teachings, abstract artwork showcasing nature, and much more. With the popularity of stained glass continuing throughout the state of Utah, there are many notable stained glass windows that showcase truly amazing art.

Beautiful Stained Glass Collections Found in Utah

The First United Methodist Church features significant stained glass windows that their congregation holds very dear. The main stained glass window featured in their sanctuary features the scene where the women who went to Jesus’ tomb and were told by an angel that Jesus was not there. The humble stories of the Bible are embraced at this church through their beautiful stained glass collection. The Hill Air Force Base Chapel has some amazing custom stained glass artwork featuring a memorial stained glass window dedicated to the 384th Bomb Group. The First Presbyterian Church has large stained glass features that are filled with gorgeous colors that are lit up by the sun. The Utah Valley University has amazing stained glass that incorporates nature and space. These unique stained glass features are celebrated for their diversity and differing imagery.

Taking Inspiration from Noteworthy Utah Stained Glass for Your Salt Lake City Property

Salt Lake City properties that are looking to jump on the stained glass trend can really take advantage of all the gorgeous stained glass they’re surrounded by. Taking inspiration from these noteworthy stained glass pieces can really help fuel the right creativity. Custom stained glass is perfect for churches, homes, and businesses, providing a wonderful investment and one-of-a-kind artform for your property. Salt Lake City Stained Glass would love to help you bring your ideas to fruition!

For more information regarding custom stained glass for your Salt Lake City property, please contact us!

Signs Your Salt Lake City Temple Stained Glass Windows Need Repair

Stained glass has been an important part of religious architecture for decades. In Europe, beautiful, ornate stained glass windows adorn temples, cathedrals, and chapels from the Middle Ages, when stained glass gained its popularity.

However, most of the world’s stained glass is now reaching an age where deterioration occurs. Historic preservation societies are seeing the need for stained glass conservation as an urgent matter.

Knowing what signs to look for to identify deterioration can help your Salt Lake City temple preserve their stained glass windows. If repair is necessary, a professional studio with experience in working with antique stained glass should be contacted immediately.

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Different Stained Glass Installation Methods for Salt Lake City Homes

Stained Glass Window For Salt Lake City Homes

Stained glass windows a fabulous addition to any home in or around Salt Lake City because of their versatility. Any number of textures, styles, and sizes so, make them very accommodating to modern homeowners needs. Another reason for their widespread accessibility is the myriad of installation method choices. This makes them super easy to customize to any part of a home and that is something our past clients loved. Below we have listed our own insight about different installation methods to aid you in figuring out which one is right for your Salt Lake City home.

Professionally Installed Stained Glass

As mentioned, there are many different stained glass installation methods and finding the right one for you is really about what you are trying to achieve. These methods range from very simple (and done in one day) to more difficult and extensive. However, the one thing that is obvious–regardless of which method you choose, Salt Lake City Stained Glass excels at it!

Stained Glass Installation Method 1: The Most Popular

The bonding method is easily the most widely used techniques in stained glass installation. Simple, quick, and clean: it is an option for any window under 4ft. The process is straightforward and involves a custom stained glass panel(s) being applied to your home’s window. This no-frills, easy installation method is fast and always stunning. Not only does it look good from the inside and out–it has the added benefit of little extra protection from the solid glass pane.

Stained Glass Installation Method 2: Great For New Construction

Another popular method is the triple pane method. This application is excellent for areas that get excessive moisture or need to meet safety glass building codes (i.e. new construction). In this method, the stained glass is sandwiched and sealed between two tempered pieces of glass. This keeps all moisture out and stops any condensation inside the glass. It is safe and easy to clean and our clients just love it for bathrooms.

Stained Glass Installation Method 3: Hanging Stained Glass Panels

The final stained glass application method is called hook hanging. This is when we create a custom stained glass panel in our studio that is fitted with hooks on the outer edge of its frame. It can then be hung on a wall, in front of a window or free suspended. This is the best idea for Salt Lake City homeowners who plan to move their panel.

Watch the video below for more information on stained glass installation

If you have any additional questions about stained glass installation methods, contact us today!

Stunning Examples of Charles Rennie Mackintosh Stained Glass for Salt Lake City Properties

Charles Rennie Mackintosh was a Scottish designer, architect, and artist known for his Art Nouveau, Modernist, and Japanese-inspired stained glass designs, using texture and light to create functional works of art within his architecture. Mackintosh stained glass is ideal for Salt Lake City residential and commercial properties, balancing eye-catching beauty and clean simplicity to reflect the nature of Salt Lake City’s religious and historic architecture.

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Creating Beautiful Stained Glass Designs for Any Budget with Salt Lake City Stained Glass

When it comes to beautiful stained glass, we believe that everyone should have the opportunity to have it. Whether you’d like to install stained glass features in your Salt Lake City home, church, or business, finding high-quality, custom stained glass can really deliver you the right investment while simultaneously delivering many other benefits. Salt Lake City Stained Glass really works hard with each and every client to ensure we meet their budget constraints without compromising on quality.
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Prairie Style Stained Glass: Timeless And Perfect For Your Salt Lake Home

The Beautiful Beginnings Of The Prairie Style

The phrase mid-century modern is something you have likely heard because it is seemingly all the buzz. This is understandable because as far as home styles go, it is pretty fantastic. What you may not realize is this type of look and many others were created, in large part, by a man named Frank Lloyd Wright. He was a talented and prolific architect/designer who could be considered the grandfather of many different interiors and architectural styles–as relevant today as they were in the late 19th and early 20th centuries when he lived. His curiously ubiquitous Prairie Style philosophy was his passion and today it is still one of the most popular stained glass styles on the market. Read below to find out why.

What Exactly Is Prairie Style Stained Glass?

When you think about a prairie landscape you probably imagine endless fields and sharp horizon lines stretching on for miles and miles. This type of expanse filled full of light and openness is exactly the type of feel Wright wanted in his architecture and stained glass. Dramatic horizontal lines that crisscross but blend into the worlds outside and inside are strong hallmarks of Wright’s work. He was enchanted with how light entered a room and considered it, as well as the glass, a part of the design of the house itself. He was incredibly concerned about the integrity of the materials he used, from stone to glass and everything in between. This meant he did not want to disguise the glass but rather allow the glass to exist as itself in an environment. Similarly, he wanted everything he designed in the Prairie Style to harmonize with a natural setting. The results from Wright in this and many other styles were amazing. His work was modern at the time, but somehow had echoes of a simpler, more natural time; just as at home in the natural world as it would be in a city setting. And in an urban setting, the echoes of nature were unmistakable. His use of colors as accents and penchant towards mixing them with mostly clear glass and intersecting lines allowed his prairie style work to be both outstanding but still at peace the natural world all around.

The results, as you can see, were amazing.

To say Frank Lloyd Wright was ahead of his time is, in fact, an understatement, but the uniqueness and breadth of his work, leave the viewer to believe no matter what era he lived in he would still be a pioneer of his day.

Watch the video below for more information on Prairie Style stained glass:

Salt Lake City Stained Glass For All Your Prairie Style Stained Glass Needs

At Salt Lake City Stained Glass we greatly respect the genius that is the work of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Prairie Style. We create glass in this style for our customers to honor him and to keep the legacy of artistic perfection alive today. If you are interested in a prairie style stained glass window for your Salt Lake City home, contact us today for more information and to schedule a design consultation with one of our Prairie Style experts

What is Scottish Stained Glass?

Here at Salt Lake City Stained Glass, we’re often asked by our clients, “What is Scottish Stained Glass?” and “What sets Scottish Stained Glass apart from other stained glass?” Scottish Stained Glass refers to our acclaimed process that our founder and president, Martin Faith, has created over the past 30 years. Scottish Stained Glass promotes the highest quality custom stained glass available for Salt Lake City homes and businesses.

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