Stained Glass Signage Beautifies Salt Lake City Stores & Restaurants

Stained Glass Signage Beautifies Salt Lake City Stores & Restaurants

Set your store or restaurant apart from the competition with a beautiful stained glass sign from Salt Lake City Stained Glass. Stained glass signs are strike the perfect balance between classy and contemporary and are the perfect way to create a vintage or antique look for your business. They add elegance and beauty to any type or style of architecture, making them perfect for retail stores, restaurants, and hotels alike.
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Painted Glass Transoms Feature Utah’s Stunning Natural Landscape

At Salt Lake City Stained Glass, the requests we receive for stained glass designs vary extensively. No window we create is like the next, but that’s part of what makes our work fun and exciting. Recently, we had the pleasure of working on a very special and unique project for a homeowner in Holladay that was celebrating his retirement. The project? Designing and creating two painted glass panels, one of Arches National Park and one of a countryside landscape near Park City.
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How To Clean The Stained Glass On Your Salt Lake City Home

Can I Clean The Stained Glass On My Salt Lake City Home Myself

You love your Salt Lake City Home’s stained glass–you are not alone a lot of people who own stained glass absolutely love it and want to keep it looking good for a long time.  This is probably why we get a lot of questions from people in the Salt Lake City area, looking to find out how to care of their stained glass windows–new and old.  Simply wiping down your stained glass windows with a dry cloth regularly goes a long way believe it or not.  However, you can also wash your stained glass yourself.  However, if your stained glass is in anyway damaged already you should leave it a professional, lest you end up damaging it further.  For windows free of damage, here are a few pointers on how to clean your Salt Lake City home’s stained glass and get it looking as beautiful as it was meant to be!

Steps To Cleaning Your Salt Lake City Home’s Stained Glass

  1. Start by running a soft dry cloth across the glass.  Stained glass is actually very durable but use care as older windows may have loose panels.  If you come across a broken, cracked or loose pane of glass be sure to call Salt Lake City Custom Stained Glass to repair the piece and finish the cleaning.
  2. Once the bulk of the dust and dirt has been removed with a dry cloth, switch to soap and water.  Make sure to use an ammonia-free, vinegar-free, non-abrasive, pH-neutral cleaner
  3. Start from the top of the window and work your way down, cleaning each pane within the leaded frames individually.  Feel free to scrub but do not press on the glass too hard, lest it crack.
  4. After you finish each panel, go back with a cotton swab to clean the by the leaded perimeter using a circular “scoop and lift” method to get the grime by the lead.
  5. Dry the section you cleaned with a soft, lint-free cloth and move on to the next section

*Don’t forget to put a towel down on the ledge of your window to keep the water from ruining your wood frame.

**Also Be aware that leaded glass windows contain lead, which can be dangerous to you and especially to children when it is ingested or becomes airborne.  As such we recommend wearing gloves and using proper disposal techniques for any cloth, swab, water or container used in the process.

Salt Lake City’s Stained Glass Expert

The process above is a simple one but admittedly a fairly long and delicate process that takes time.  Don’t be too intimidated by your stained glass, it is actually fairly durable.  However, use common sense, if you don’t feel comfortable or have all the proper equipment have Salt Lake City Stained Glass do the work.  We are stained glass experts and we can come repair, replace and clean stained glass to professional standards.  Contact us today for more information on stained glass cleaning and to schedule a consultation.

A Unique & Elegant Salt Lake City Home Begins With Stained Glass Transom Windows

Stained Glass Windows For A Unique Salt Lake City Home

Everybody who owns a home wants it to be unique–especially in neighborhoods that are built by the same builder and have very similar aesthetics. It seems like people will do a variety of different things, some beautiful, others tacky, to get their house stand out from a sea of suburban Salt Lake City homes. Fountains, pink flamingos, unique landscaping and more are all ways suburbanites try to “dress up” their homes to make them less homogeneous and more one of a kind. If you are one of the many people living in the Salt Lake City area and looking for a way to make your home sing, don’t run out and buy those lawn gnomes just yet because at Salt Lake City Stained Glass we have a more refined and practical solution for you–stained glass transom windows.

What Is A Transom Window?

Transom windows are the windows above the main windows in your house. They are often semicircle but can also be other shapes like rectangular, as well. They are intrinsically elegant but can be even more attractive when made of stained glass.

Why Should I Put Stained Glass In My Transom Windows?

As we mentioned before, finding something to make your house stand out in a beautiful and elegant way can be difficult. If you look around Salt Lake City you can see people doing it right and errr…doing it way wrong. With stained glass transom windows, you simply cannot go wrong. These windows are classy and add a unique beauty to the inside and outside of any home. They are easily visible from the street and truly a one-of-a-kind addition to any home in nearly any neighborhood. They are functional as well and can help protect your home from being penetrated by outside eyes.

With all the benefits of stained glass transom windows for your Salt Lake City home, it really is a “no-brainer” decision to have them installed. So stay clear of questionable lawn art to spruce up your Salt Lake City home and contact us at Salt Lake City Stained Glass for a free estimate today!

The Best Places For Stained Glass In You Salt Lake City Home

Stained Glass Salt Lake City

In our gorgeous mountain city of Salt Lake City, well-kept lawns and beautiful houses are common sights on the landscape. People here take pride in their dwellings of all shapes and sizes. The residents here take a lot of care and attention to detail to keep them looking good. This pride in their homes and the stunning landscapes on which we live are reasons why stained glass for Salt Lake City homeowners is a wonderful choice and has the ability to blend in perfectly in many areas on homes here and the compliment the surrounding

Best Places For Stained Glass In Your Salt Lake City Home

Stained glass For Salt Lake City homes is such an amazing design feature and a lasting heirloom for you on your family’s home. It will work wonderfully in any window on your home but there are some areas stained glass is particularly well suited for. Below are three places we have seen our clients use frequently.

Stained Glass For Your Salt Lake City Entryway Windows: When looking for a breathtaking way to welcome guests to your home and add curb appeal, stained glass windows are a sure way!

Stained Glass For Your Salt Lake City Bathroom Windows: Privacy is hard to come by in cities which is why stained glass is a both functional and beautiful addition to your Salt Lake City bathroom.

Stained Glass For Your Salt Lake City Kitchen Windows: The perfect way to give your kitchen splashes of color and style is by adding cabinets with custom stained glass doors.

Stained Glass Experts Salt Lake City

As our former clients know, when it comes to stained glass in Salt Lake City, there is no better company in the area than Salt Lake City Stained Glass. We employ only the most skilled craftsmen to work on our stained glass windows which is why we are able to guarantee both timeless beauty and durability to our clients. We have over three decades of experience and numerous new and old design styles. When looking for a stained glass window for your Salt Lake City home–look no further than Salt Lake City Stained Glass. We will give you a free estimate and always offer a quick turn around time. Contact us today to get going a stained glass window and the home of your dream.

How to Care for the New Stained Glass Windows in Your Salt Lake City Home

One question that we get asked often at Salt Lake City Stained Glass is, “How do I take care of the new stained glass windows in my Salt Lake City home?”. Well, the answer to this question truly depends on the situation. Some stained glass windows require different care than others due to their age, makeup, or condition. When in doubt, it’s always best to consult a professional. However, there are some general guidelines you can follow on what to do and what to avoid when it comes to caring for your stained glass.**
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Heirloom Quality Stained Glass Wedding Gifts

Stained Glass For Spring Weddings In Salt Lake City

The lengthening days are filled with the smell of flowers and the sound of chirping birds as the feeling and reality of spring comes to Salt Lake City.  The world seems to reawaken and a feeling of possibility is all around.  The coming of spring days points to summer being on its way and also is a telltale sign of wedding season being right around the corner.  That’s right, to anyone who knows a bride or groom to be, which is many of us, spring is wedding season.  We are not yet deep into wedding season but if you are anything like us, you probably have more than a few “save the dates” stuck under magnets on your fridge and couple of weekends already reserved for the weddings of those that you know and love.

The Unique Wedding Gifts Of Stained Glass

Wedding gifts are pretty hard to come up with when any couple gets married, at least sentimental ones are.   It is that much harder to find a meaningful gift for people who your love and are close to you:  daughters, sons, brothers, and sisters.  You are looking for something special that has deep meaning and acts as an expression of love. You also want something that specifically marks such a special occasion as finding the person one loves.  Registries can definitely help and guide you a bit,  but gifts from registries are not very personal and can come across as cliche and trite. If you are trying to avoid buying a gift off a registry and find something personal, we urge you to consider something that is, for sure, one of a kind and will be cherished for years to come–the gift of a custom stained glass window or panel made by Salt Lake City Stained Glass.  This sentimental present is destined to become an heirloom one day.   It is so great to give something of lasting value to those you love the most.  You are sure to see smiles and maybe even tears from any newlywed couple blessed enough to get this one of a kind gift. It is a beautiful way to mark the beginning of a couple’s life together and what’s more, has significant meaning when customized to their special day.

Ways to customize stained glass as a wedding gift are:

Monograms:  Have the first letter of the couple’s last name stylized in a field design of your choice.

Wedding Date:  There is no better way to memorialize a wedding than to have the date included on a beautiful stained glass window or panel.

Wedding Colors:  The colors a couple chose for their wedding are likely their favorite, so having a stained glass window or panel made with them is a sure bet.

Engagement Picture: Stained glass can be made to mimic a real life picture to memorialize the bride and groom in a stylish way.

Salt Lake City Stained Glass For Your Wedding Gifts

No matter what type of stained glass style or colors you choose for a custom stained glass gift for the bride and groom’s day, they will definitely recognize and appreciate the love and thought that went into it.  If for some reason, you don’t feel comfortable making decisions on the size, color or style of stained glass–don’t’ worry, we have a simple solution for that too!  We work with people all the time who decide the best option to give the bride and groom exactly what they want is by to give them a gift certificate for custom stained glass  With a gift certificate they are able to pick out what they want to have made– a perfect fit every time!   If the price of a stained glass panel or window is a bit more than you want to spend, we highly suggest giving the stained glass as a group gift–that way many different friends or family members can participate in giving something special!

If you live in the Salt Lake City area and are looking for a unique, wedding gift to mark the wedding of someone you love, contact Salt Lake City Stained Glass today to discuss a custom stained glass wedding design today!

Does My Salt Lake City Stained Glass Need A Protective Covering?

Do I Need A Stained Glass Covering?

Stained Glass for all of its beauty is not by any means delicate, it is, however, a good idea, to have a glass protective covering over the stained glass in your church or home. First off this is because stained glass is expensive and worth the minimal cost of prevention vs the greater cost of repair. Secondly, stained glass windows are typically heirlooms that you want to make sure stay intact and looking good for a long time. Lastly, because stained glass, especially on churches, is often a target of vandalism. A protective covering on your stained glass ultimately extends its longevity and helps prevent damage.

Types Of Stained Glass Coverings

There are different options to add a protective layer on your stained glass and each one has it’s pros and cons. Salt Lake City Stained Glass can explain each to your to help you make a more informed choice

Window Film Stained Glass Covering
The Pro: Is easily applied even on a DIY level (although not suggested) and can protect from UV Rays
The Con: Is not as strong as other protective layers, which could lead to glass still breaking.

Glass Stained Glass Covering
The Pro: it stays clear over time, and it is a little stiffer and more scratch resistant than the plastics.The Con: Does not protect from UV rays unless tint is applied

Acrylic Stained Glass Covering
The Pro: Is strong, durable, stays clear over time
The Con: It does not insulate as well as an insulated glass

Utah’s Stained Glass Coverings Expert

Stained glass windows are meant to last a long time and very much capable of doing so when properly maintained and cared for by a professional. At Stained Glass Salt Lake City, we know how to treat stained glass properly to give it the very longest life. We hired the most skilled craftsmen and protective covering installers to ensure our client’s precious stained glass lasts for the next 80-100 years. If you stained glass doesn’t have a protective cover, contact us so we can help you preserve your stained glass for the next generation to come.

Bathroom Stained Glass for Your Salt Lake City Home

You’d be surprised to discover how paying just a little bit of attention to certain details of your bathroom can really make the whole room come together. But in our opinion there’s one feature of your bathroom that you don’t want to neglect: your windows. By adding bathroom stained glass to your Salt Lake City home, you can completely transform your bathroom.
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Salt Lake City Stained Glass Remodeling & Renovation Process

At Salt Lake City Stained Glass, we’ve built a reputation over the past 25 years as being the leading stained glass provider in the Salt Lake City metro area. But did you also know that we offer stained glass remodeling and renovation? If your Salt Lake City business, church, or home has a stained glass window that needs to be repaired or remodeled to match your home decor, we can help. We’ll work to bring new life and vibrancy to your treasured piece of art.
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