Religious Stained Glass Restoration & Repair

When it comes to church, temple, and other religious stained glass, Salt Lake City has more than its fair share of stunning examples. The religious stained glass in the Salt Lake City Temple was installed in the late 1800s, and many other churches and temples in the area boast antique stained glass as well.

This stained glass is a national treasure, an inspiration, and we hold it dear to our hearts. But as stained glass gets older, it can develop problems which require repair or restoration. Here at Salt Lake City Stained Glass, we are always honored to be able to bring antique stained glass back to live. We appreciate and respect the work of the stained glass craftsmen who came before us and did such incredible and uplifting work, with such attention to detail and aesthetic beauty.

For those reasons, we have developed special repair and restoration techniques, that can return a religious stained glass window, door, or other panel back to its original glory. We want these works to last through time, hopefully for another century or more.

If a stained glass window has a few cracked or missing pieces of glass, it might only need a minor repair to replace those specific pieces. But many antique stained glass windows require a full restoration for a variety of reasons.

1. Although stained glass is held together with lead strips, this lead is a heavy yet soft material. The weight of the religious stained glass and the tug of gravity over the decades might be causing the window to sag or bow inward.

2. Although the glass in a piece of religious stained glass is not generally affected by time, the elements, or heat, the lead definitely is. It can become brittle over time. It can be affected by heat, changes in temperature, or moisture over the years.

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3. To protect their religious stained glass, many churches, temples, chapels, and other houses of worship have added a piece of plexiglass to the exterior. This has the unfortunate effect of trapping heat between the plexi and the stained glass, which can further damage the lead.

4. If the window does start to sag for any reason, the pressure this puts on the glass can cause extensive cracking, splitting, or even for the pieces of glass to drop out. And falling glass poses a dangerous situation.

For religious stained glass repair or restoration, we hope you will contact us immediately. Our process includes removing the windows, bringing them to our studio, cleaning and polishing the glass, replacing the lead in part or in full as needed, and replacing any damaged or missing glass with matching glass. Depending on the size of the windows in question, this process may take months and be quite costly.

Please talk to us about how we can assist you with fundraising efforts to restore your beautiful and inspirational religious stained glass windows or other panels.

For more information about religious stained glass repair or restoration, please contact Salt Lake City Stained Glass today.


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