Understanding the Symbolism of Church Stained Glass

For church-goers and stained glass lovers alike, churches can be a wonderful place to see breathtaking stained glass windows. Churches all over the world have been utilizing stained glass to show important biblical teachings and figures along with significant world events. When observing all the different church stained glass features, have you noticed different themes in color? That’s because there’s actually an intended symbolism behind all the colors used in church stained glass.

The Symbolism of Color in Church Stained Glass

Churches have been utilizing these universal messages through the colors showcased in their stained glass:

  • Red: Representative of Christ’s blood, red can indicate strong emotions as well as the suffering and sacrifice made by Jesus.
  • Green: The color of nature signifies rebirth, growth, and spring. It can also represent faith, contemplation, and immortality.
  • Black: Black is rare as the focus color but refers to death or regeneration.
  • Purple: Since Jesus wore purple before his crucifixion, this color often signifies his endurance and suffering. It can also be used to symbolize royalty and God the Father.
  • Brown: Symbolizes the renunciation of worldly things and spiritual death.
  • Blue: As the color of the sky, blue depicts hope, heaven, piety, and sincerity.
  • Violet: Represents truth, passion, love, and suffering.
  • White: Depicts innocence, chastity, purity, and God.
  • Yellow: While yellow can be used to showcase treachery, it’s more commonly used to represent the halos of saints, power, glory, and divinity.
  • Gray: This symbolizes mourning, humility, and the immortality of spirit.
  • Rainbow: The union as well as God’s covenant with humanity.

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