Painted Glass

Painted Glass Salt Lake City

The painting of glass has been a traditionally practiced form of art for centuries all across the world. Some of the painted glass windows in European cathedrals date back as far as the Middle Ages and are still in existence today. Naturally, this style of glasswork still remains high in popularity, especially in the artistic community of Salt Lake City. Painted glass windows are widely popular in Salt Lake City area churches, homes, and other buildings and are one of the most common requests that our studio receives.

painted glass salt lake city

Painted Glass Uses & Applications

Painted glass is not only a very beautiful architectural feature, it’s also very functional too. It can be used to create privacy, natural lighting, enhance aesthetics, and even conceal building design flaws. Some of the most common uses and applications for painted glass include:
Churches & religious buildings
Hotels, restaurants, bars & museums
Entryways, sidelights & transoms
Custom signage
Kitchen windows
Bathroom windows
Many other applications

Painted Glass Windows for Temples & Churches

Churches, temples, and religious buildings are the heart of many communities in Salt Lake City. For our team, it is always a joy to partner with these valuable institutions on their architectural projects and needs. In the past, we’ve created beautiful painted glass windows for Salt Lake City’s religious communities and are happy to partner with board members of any denomination.

Custom Painted Glass Designs

The beauty of painted glass is that is can be created with any design, color, or appearance you desire. If you have a specific image, landscape, or idea for your design, our artists can render it beautifully through a painted glass installation. In the past, we’ve created replicas of photos and even other paintings or drawings. Or, if you’d like some ideas for your design, we’ll pair you up with one of our talented artists who will work with you to generate a layout that incorporates your tastes and architectural needs.

Salt Lake City’s Source for Painted Glass

Salt Lake City Stained Glass is the leading stained glass studio in the Salt Lake City metro area. We specialize in the art of painted glass and can create any custom design you desire. Call our office today to schedule an appointment for a free consultation.