What Are the Different Types of Stained Glass?

When it comes to building your own custom stained glass window, there are endless design opportunities that can fuel your inspiration. With 20 different types of stained glass to play around with, you can accomplish virtually any effect or aesthetic. Each stained glass category has so many different styling options that can make your investment shine. Here are some of our favorite types of stained glass:

Our Favorite Types of Stained Glass for Salt Lake City Properties

  1. Full-antique: this handmade glass is defined by its vibrant coloring, translucency, as well as surface striations.
  2. Semi-antique: machine-made glass that’s translucent with single color, surface striations, and consistent thickness.
  3. Architectural: with a textured surface on one side and smooth surface on the other, architectural glass is usually clear but is available with some patterns.
  4. Cathedral: translucent, colored glass that’s either handmade or machine-made
  5. Craquel: full-antique glass that’s dipped in cold water while it’s hot to create a cracking pattern like an alligator.
  6. Flashed: antique glass with a second layer of color applied over the base color that can either be acidly etched or sandblasted away in order to create a design.
  7. Fractures and streamers: colored glass and thin glass rods create an opal or clear base sheet for a confetti glass look.
  8. Glue chip: cathedral glass applied with animal hide glue is sandblasted on one side, fired in the oven, and torn away to create a pattern.
  9. Iridescent: Cathedral or opalescent glass that’s coated with a thin layer of metallic salts to create a shimmer effect.
  10. Mirror: Clear float glass and colored art glass are coated with a reflective silver to create the mirrored effect.

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