Stained Glass Design & Styles

Home Stained Glass Elements and Styles

If you’re dreaming of a stained glass window for your home, the vast variety of styles may be overwhelming. Fortunately, all stained glass designs are composed of some simple components which an experienced designer can employ to create a customized piece specifically tailored to your tastes and preferences. Read on as we explain several popular elements that contribute to the beauty and uniqueness of each gorgeous design, helping you discover the perfect look for your own special project!

Stained Glass for Salt Lake City Homes

With its captivating visuals and unlimited design possibilities, stained glass elevates the style of any home. From timeless religious motifs to modern abstract shapes in vibrant hues – you can create a unique look that reflects your preference.

Not only does stained glass bring exquisite beauty to your home, but it also gives you the privacy you desire while still letting in natural light. You have a wide variety of materials to choose from including rich hues, leaded cames, and sparkling beveled tiles that will create a timeless masterpiece just for your Salt Lake City residence. Custom-made stained glass is absolutely stunning and perfect for creating unique sceneries throughout your house!

Why Stained Glass Works Well in Salt Lake City Homes

Stained glass features a classic and chic look, making it sought after for contemporary Salt Lake City dwellings. Whether installed in doors, windows, or another part of the home, stained glass offers an air of elegance to any space. Furthermore, its bright colors can create a welcoming ambiance that adds charm and warmth to your abode.

Not only does stained glass create a stunning visual impact, but it provides an additional layer of security from any external elements that could potentially be unwelcome. With its ability to obscure views and add colorful beauty in home design, stained glass has become timeless within modern Salt Lake City living. To bring your own visions for stained glass to life, explore some of the materials we use in our designs today!

Leaded, Beveled, Frosted, and Colored Stained Glass in Salt Lake City

Transform the look of your Salt Lake City home with stunning leaded, beveled, frosted and colored stained glass. From intricate floral patterns to simplified geometric shapes – there’s a variety of options available for every type of residence. Each element has its own unique characteristics that offer something special when incorporated into any design; discover more below!

Beveled Stained Glass For an Elegant Salt Lake City Home

For centuries, beveled stained glass has been used to add a touch of sophistication and beauty to any home. The angled design reflects light in an array of shimmering shapes, providing your living space with an enchanting glow that is sure to make it stand out. Beveled stained glass pieces create the perfect accent window or door panel for those looking for something extra special. Bring some luminescence and elegance into your household today with this timeless art form!

Leaded Glass for a Traditional Feel

Inject a timeless touch into your space with the invigorating beauty of leaded glass. Its intricate patterns and distinctive charm give off an elegant feel that will open up any room while adding brightness at the same time. Moreover, its noise-dampening qualities make it perfect for placing near windows or sliding doors to help keep out unwanted sound from outside sources.

Also, installing leaded glass in your kitchen cabinets or as an entryway door is an ideal way to lend timeless style and class to any home. The charming details of the patterned glass will bring character and sophistication, creating a stunning focal point for every room it graces.

Frosted Stained Glass for Decorative Privacy

By installing frosted stained glass in your home, you can accomplish a space that looks beautiful and offers privacy. Not only does it set an inviting atmosphere with its attractive designs, but also allows natural light to enter the room rather than blocking it out entirely. Plus, you’ll get a luxurious finishing touch for your area – adding value and charm!

It is not unexpected that frosted stained glass has become such a desirable attribute for windows, doors, cabinets, and screens. From establishing an inviting cooking space to crafting a cozy yet sunlit entryway – with so many advantages of this type of glass – it’s the ideal choice!

Colored Stained Glass for an Eye-Catching Design

Incorporating vibrant stained glass into your custom design is the perfect way to infuse a room with color and create an eye-catching focal point! From classic hues to contemporary tones, decorative stained glass comes in virtually any shade that can match any style of home décor. Whether you choose colored or clear designs, its multicolored facets make it dazzling as light pours through for a luminous gemstone effect. Stained glass window panes are so breathtakingly beautiful; there really isn’t anything better than outfitting your windows with these exquisite pieces.

We Can Help You Choose the Right Stained Glass Style For Your Salt Lake City Home

Stained glass is an exquisite way to add beauty and luminosity to your home that cannot be matched by any other decoration. While every style element has its own distinct charm, the precise selection for your space will depend on multiple factors. With numerous options available, it can be difficult to determine which one is ideal for your abode’s aesthetic. That’s where we come in! We are here to make this process easy and enjoyable so you can find the perfect piece of stained glass art that fits with your residence’s design scheme perfectly.

Our unmatched skill allows us to hand-select the perfect stain glass pattern with a combination of all or some of these elements. No matter if you prefer modern geometric designs or traditional floral patterns, we can develop a look that’s ideal for your living space. Don’t miss out on how adding stained glass can liven up any urban home – contact us now for more information!


Leaded Glass Inspiration for Your Salt Lake City Home

Stained glass windows are best known for their colorful aesthetic and the beauty they have provided to churches over the years. However, some people think that traditional stained glass looks too old fashioned for their home. If you, too, are seeking a more modern alternative, you should consider leaded glass windows! Salt Lake City homeowners can use leaded glass to draw in light, create privacy, and highlight certain areas or unique architectural features.

Below, we’ve shared some examples of leaded glass windows we’ve completed over the years in hopes that you will be able to find some inspiration for your own home!

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The Meaning of Religious Stained Glass Icons 

If you’ve ever studied church stained glass windows carefully, you’ve probably noticed a wide variety of symbols in different areas. This is quite typical for religious stained glass windows. Iconography was frequently used to convey essential narratives to church congregations. Some symbols, crosses, for example, have a readily identifiable meaning. However, there are times when icons don’t have as obvious of a meaning. Below are some of our favorite religious stained glass icons and their meanings.

Church Stained Glass Iconography

  • A Dove: It is a sacred symbol of the Holy Spirit.
  • A Dove and Rainbow: The dove and the rainbow symbolize endings, and they signify forgiveness.
  • A Chalice with Grapes: The Lamb is the most common sign for Holy Communion. The Lamb of God is depicted lying on the Book of Seven Seals in Revelation, and since became the sacrificial lamb.
  • Messianic Rose: The Messianic Rose is a well-known Christian symbol that represents the promised Messiah. At the advent of the kingdom of justice, Isaiah prophesied, “The desert will blossom as a rose.”
  • The Lion: The tribe of Judah is represented by this figure, which depicts the qualities of strength, valor, and compassion.
  • Fish: The Greek fish is a symbol for Jesus Christ, the Son of God. It derives from being a covert sign in ancient days when it was dangerous to be a Christian.
  • Anchor: This is one of the most ancient symbols of Jesus Christ, dating back to the catacombs.
  • Dragon: The dragon is a symbol of evil and temptation. It’s also a sign of sin.
  • Leaf and Acorn: The acorn is a rare symbol that represents the growth of faith from tiny like a seed to vast as a tree.
  • Butterfly: It is a beautiful image that symbolizes rebirth and everlasting life.

To learn more about the lovely meaning behind your church’s stained glass, contact us today!

Stunning Examples of Charles Rennie Mackintosh Stained Glass for Salt Lake City Properties

Charles Rennie Mackintosh was a Scottish designer, architect, and artist known for his Art Nouveau, Modernist, and Japanese-inspired stained glass designs, using texture and light to create functional works of art within his architecture. Mackintosh stained glass is ideal for Salt Lake City residential and commercial properties, balancing eye-catching beauty and clean simplicity to reflect the nature of Salt Lake City’s religious and historic architecture.

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Prairie Style Stained Glass: Timeless And Perfect For Your Salt Lake Home

The Beautiful Beginnings Of The Prairie Style

The phrase mid-century modern is something you have likely heard because it is seemingly all the buzz. This is understandable because as far as home styles go, it is pretty fantastic. What you may not realize is this type of look and many others were created, in large part, by a man named Frank Lloyd Wright. He was a talented and prolific architect/designer who could be considered the grandfather of many different interiors and architectural styles–as relevant today as they were in the late 19th and early 20th centuries when he lived. His curiously ubiquitous Prairie Style philosophy was his passion and today it is still one of the most popular stained glass styles on the market. Read below to find out why.

What Exactly Is Prairie Style Stained Glass?

When you think about a prairie landscape you probably imagine endless fields and sharp horizon lines stretching on for miles and miles. This type of expanse filled full of light and openness is exactly the type of feel Wright wanted in his architecture and stained glass. Dramatic horizontal lines that crisscross but blend into the worlds outside and inside are strong hallmarks of Wright’s work. He was enchanted with how light entered a room and considered it, as well as the glass, a part of the design of the house itself. He was incredibly concerned about the integrity of the materials he used, from stone to glass and everything in between. This meant he did not want to disguise the glass but rather allow the glass to exist as itself in an environment. Similarly, he wanted everything he designed in the Prairie Style to harmonize with a natural setting. The results from Wright in this and many other styles were amazing. His work was modern at the time, but somehow had echoes of a simpler, more natural time; just as at home in the natural world as it would be in a city setting. And in an urban setting, the echoes of nature were unmistakable. His use of colors as accents and penchant towards mixing them with mostly clear glass and intersecting lines allowed his prairie style work to be both outstanding but still at peace the natural world all around.

The results, as you can see, were amazing.

To say Frank Lloyd Wright was ahead of his time is, in fact, an understatement, but the uniqueness and breadth of his work, leave the viewer to believe no matter what era he lived in he would still be a pioneer of his day.

Watch the video below for more information on Prairie Style stained glass:

Salt Lake City Stained Glass For All Your Prairie Style Stained Glass Needs

At Salt Lake City Stained Glass we greatly respect the genius that is the work of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Prairie Style. We create glass in this style for our customers to honor him and to keep the legacy of artistic perfection alive today. If you are interested in a prairie style stained glass window for your Salt Lake City home, contact us today for more information and to schedule a design consultation with one of our Prairie Style experts

Is There A Difference Between Stained And Leaded Glass?

The Difference Between Stained, Leaded and Beveled Glass

At Salt Lake City Stained Glass we are often asked questions about stained glass and answering those question is something we love to do for potential and existing customers alike. The questions are on various topics: styles, colors, restoration vs. repair. One question we get a lot is what the difference is between stained glass and leaded glass and if beveled glass falls into either of those two categories. The truth is–stained and leaded glass are more or less the same thing. However, we have gone into some detail below about all three descriptions to set the record straight and help you better understand our craft.

What is Stained Glass vs. Leaded Glass?

For the general public, the terms stained glass and leaded glass interchangeably. But in the stained glass industry, we generally refer to stained glass as having color and leaded glass as being clear. So, while all stained glass can be referred to as leaded, all leaded glass is usually not referred to as stained glass. The difference is tiny but knowing this may help you better communicate your stained glass designer exactly what you are looking for on any part of your Salt Lake City home: entryway, bathroom, hallways, or kitchen.

What Is Beveled Glass?

Beveled glass is a piece of glass, usually clear, that has an angled cut around the periphery. This angled cut helps reflect light in beautiful ways creates gorgeous depth and character.

What is Textured Glass?

Although plain leaded glass is clear and usually lacks color, it is definitely not boring. This is because it often has textured glass pieces in it. Textured glass pieces come in a variety of appearances from wavy designs called “water glass” to feathery textures called “glue chip”. Using textured glass in leaded glass windows is a great way to add a classic elegant feel to any area of your Salt Lake City home.

Check out the stained glass video below for more information on stained glass for your Salt Lake City Home:

For more information about stained, leaded, beveled or textured glass, contact us at Salt Lake City Stained Glass today! We are Salt Lake City’s foremost stained glass expert and would love to help you with your stained glass project.

Celtic Style Leaded Glass Transoms for Your Salt Lake City Home

Celtic style leaded glass transoms are a wonderful way for you to celebrate your heritage in your Salt Lake City home. These beautiful additions are such a unique, artistic touch, making your Salt Lake City home really stand out! Even if you’re not of Celtic descent, Celtic art can be embraced by any Salt Lake City homeowner!

Why Celtic Style Leaded Glass in Your Salt Lake City Home?

Celtic artwork is most prominently known for its knot work and interlacing patterns, including circles, triskeles, and spirals. Celtic artwork is ornamental, curvilinear, and often involves complex, heavy symbolism. The intertwined lines often symbolized eternal life. In modern day, many Salt Lake City homeowners choose to display Celtic infinity knot work, symbolizing a never-ending, infinite marriage or powerful family bond.

Whatever symbolic meaning you may want to convey in your Salt Lake City home, we’ve got you covered. Our portfolio features hundreds of Celtic style leaded glass and stained glass options, meaning whether you’re looking for something to duplicate with your own twist or looking for inspiration for your own custom Celtic piece, our design team is well equipped to create your design.

Benefits of Celtic Style Leaded Glass Transoms

Leaded glass, a clear, textured stained glass, gives any Salt Lake City homeowner a multitude of design options for their Celtic style transoms. Transoms often allow that beautiful Salt Lake City sunshine into your home, giving you the opportunity to really take advantage of leaded glass. Leaded glass also offers a privacy factor, blocking out any unwanted views from your neighbors no matter what level they’re on.

Leaded glass transoms are a great renovation idea for adding delicate, elegant touches to your home. Celtic style leaded glass offers any Salt Lake City homeowner the opportunity to display significant symbolism in their homes as well.

Call today to schedule an in-home consultation on how Celtic style leaded glass transoms can really transform your Salt Lake City home: (801) 895-2954

Tiffany Style Stained Glass For Your Salt Lake City Home

Tiffany Style Stained Glass Salt Lake City

At Salt Lake City Stained Glass we often hear the term “Tiffany Glass” Or “Tiffany Style” Stained Glass” which is a style was pioneered, invented and refined in the Tiffany studios between 1878 to 1933 at the Tiffany Studios. Louis Comfort Tiffany and a team of other designers, like Clara Driscoll, inspired by Roman and Syrian stained glass, were driven to create a richer toned, unpainted stained glass. They wanted the glass itself to transmit texture and rich colors and succeed in doing this with a glass type product called Favrile. The Tiffany style has since become a beloved American look and one we at Salt Lake City Stained Glass get requests for quite frequently.

Choosing A Tiffany Style Stained Glass Technique

We get many requests from Salt Lake City homeowners looking for an air of elegance and sophistication by adding Tiffany style stained glass to their entryway or bedroom windows. We, at Salt Lake City Stained Glass not only have the know-how for such a refined style, we are always happy to use such a well-loved and beautiful style such as Tiffany for inspiration and for your edification have outlined some different inspiring Tiffany looks and techniques below.

Opalescent glass: The term “opalescent glass” is commonly used to describe glass where more than one color is present. It is very shiny with an almost raw pearl-like quality.

Favrile Glass: Often has a distinctive characteristic that is common in some glass from Classical antiquity: it possesses a superficial iridescence. This iridescence causes the surface to shimmer but also causes a degree of opacity.

Ripple Glass: Ripple glass refers to textured glass with marked surface waves. Tiffany made use of such textured glass to represent, for example, water or leaf veins.

These are all common inspirations for us here at Salt Lake City Stained Glass but there are many other Tiffany Style stained glass looks and textures too. The one common thread is they are all beautiful! If you are like many in the Salt Lake City area who admire the gorgeous Tiffany Glass and want the same beauty and elegance in your home, Contact us today at Salt Lake City Stained glass for a free design consultation and expedient pricing.

Celebrate the Change of Seasons in Salt Lake City with Aspen Stained Glass

With temperatures dipping into the mid 60’s this week, it’s clear that fall is just around the corner for the Salt Lake Valley. And with the change of seasons comes a change in the beautiful natural landscape that surrounds Utah’s great capitol. Indeed, now is one of the most magical times of year in Salt Lake City as the leaves begin to change to a beautiful magical orange, gold, and red hues. And what better way to commemorate this perfect time than with an aspen stained glass window?!
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A Unique & Elegant Salt Lake City Home Begins With Stained Glass Transom Windows

Stained Glass Windows For A Unique Salt Lake City Home

Everybody who owns a home wants it to be unique–especially in neighborhoods that are built by the same builder and have very similar aesthetics. It seems like people will do a variety of different things, some beautiful, others tacky, to get their house stand out from a sea of suburban Salt Lake City homes. Fountains, pink flamingos, unique landscaping and more are all ways suburbanites try to “dress up” their homes to make them less homogeneous and more one of a kind. If you are one of the many people living in the Salt Lake City area and looking for a way to make your home sing, don’t run out and buy those lawn gnomes just yet because at Salt Lake City Stained Glass we have a more refined and practical solution for you–stained glass transom windows.

What Is A Transom Window?

Transom windows are the windows above the main windows in your house. They are often semicircle but can also be other shapes like rectangular, as well. They are intrinsically elegant but can be even more attractive when made of stained glass.

Why Should I Put Stained Glass In My Transom Windows?

As we mentioned before, finding something to make your house stand out in a beautiful and elegant way can be difficult. If you look around Salt Lake City you can see people doing it right and errr…doing it way wrong. With stained glass transom windows, you simply cannot go wrong. These windows are classy and add a unique beauty to the inside and outside of any home. They are easily visible from the street and truly a one-of-a-kind addition to any home in nearly any neighborhood. They are functional as well and can help protect your home from being penetrated by outside eyes.

With all the benefits of stained glass transom windows for your Salt Lake City home, it really is a “no-brainer” decision to have them installed. So stay clear of questionable lawn art to spruce up your Salt Lake City home and contact us at Salt Lake City Stained Glass for a free estimate today!