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Exquisite Entryways: Residential Stained Glass Ideas for Salt Lake City Homes

The entryway is an important, but often overlooked feature of a home. Think about how many people see your home, but never step inside! Enhancing your entryway can boost the curb appeal of your home and make it look more inviting. Below, we’ve shared some ideas for using residential stained glass in your Salt Lake City homes to elevate your entryway. Continue Reading

The Simple Fast Process Of Installing Stained Glass Inserts On Your Salt Lake City Home Stained Glass Inserts Are Lovely And Easy

Stained Glass Inserts On Your Salt Lake City Home

A lot of people consider having stained glass installed on their homes and brush off the idea because they think it is a long, drawn-out process and ultra expensive too.  While stained glass does not come cheap, the amount of value it adds to your Salt Lake City home is well worth the investment.  However, in regards to the process, homeowners in the Salt Lake City area will be surprised to find out that the addition of decorative stained glass to their home by way of leaded glass inserts, is easy, fast and as beautiful as any other stained glass installation method.  It also happens to be an installation method we use frequently here at Salt Lake City Stained Glass.

What are Stained And Leaded Glass Inserts?

Essentially stained and leaded glass inserts are stained glass and lead separators that are bonded right onto the frames of your home’s windows.  Not only beautiful but absolutely lovely, they make the stained glass installation process fast, simple and readily accessible to nearly any window on your home.

What is does the process for stained glass inserts entail?

For bonded stained glass inserts the process is simple and installation is done in as little as one day.

First, the glass is cleaned completely and all debris is thoroughly removed to ensure tight bonding.  Special care is taken not to wet the frame of the window lest moisture be trapped underneath the glass.  After a dry fit to make sure the window fits perfectly, the stained glass piece we at Salt Lake City Stained Glass have custom create for you is installed bevel side facing in by using specially formulated l ¼” or ½” window tape.  Next, the tape hung window is masked off and caulk is applied to the small gap between the stained glass window to adhere it permanently.  All of this application takes less than an hour in most cases and you are left with a gorgeous stained glass window to give your home the character and charm you have always wanted.

Check out our installation video here.

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