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The Five Amazing Modern Stained Glass Accounts to Follow on Instagram

Stained glass is often not thought of as a contemporary material. When people hear the term “stained glass,” they typically think of old churches or vintage homes with such features in Salt Lake City, for example. However, today’s stained glass revival is truly amazing, and you can witness it on social media. Instagram is one of the greatest locations to follow artistic work being done in stained glass. While there are numerous outstanding stained glass photos on Instagram, we’ve identified five artist accounts that you should absolutely subscribe to!

Modern Stained Glass Instagram Artist 1
This artist has a beautiful, minimalist style that uses soft colors and simple shapes to create stunning stained glass pieces. Her approach is not only aesthetically pleasing but also part of her wide appeal.

Modern Stained Glass Instagram Artist 2

This creative artist gave the old-style stained glass a fantastic new spin. She employs vivid geometric forms and contemporary color choices to create stunning stained glass wall hangings that are perfect for today’s homes.

Modern Stained Glass Instagram Artist 3

This glass artist uses ancient Arabic motifs to create magnificent stained glass windows. His vivid use of hues makes his work stand out and adds a contemporary edge to it.

Modern Stained Glass Instagram Artist 4

This glassblower creates lovely everyday things out of stained glass, and she does it in a playful and whimsical way. Her most popular goods, however, are these lovely stained glass hair combs.

Modern Stained Glass Instagram Artist 5
This company is our parent company and produces beautiful stained glass windows, both modern and vintage. However, their most stunning creations are their modern stained glass architectural installations!

Modern Stained Glass Designer in Salt Lake City

Designing stained glass is our passion, and we’ve been in the business for over 25 years. If you’re feeling stuck with deciding on a design, modern or vintage, reach out to us today– consultations are free! We love being creative and designing what will make your home unique; after all, that’s why we’re the number one choice for Salt Lake City!

New Portfolio Piece: Sam Houston State University Staine Glass Replica

Here at Salt Lake City Stained Glass one of the things we love most about our job is the joy our stained glass restorations bring to our customers. Whether it be at churches, synagogues, historic homes, or universities, the work we do brings us great fulfillment. And such was the case of our most recent project, via our parent company–Scottish Stained Glass. 

Replicating Sam Houston State’s Historic Stained Glass Windows

Sam Houston State University was founded in 1879 and as such, is one of the oldest universities in Texas. One of its most lovely stained glass windows was sadly destroyed in a fire in 1982)that ravaged one of the main original buildings. In 2020 SHSU made the fantastic decision to commemorate their school motto “The measure of a Life is its Service, through having a replica of the original stained glass made. They called on our company, Scottish Stained Glass to rebuild it and we were happy to aid them in preserving the legacy of their wonderful organization. 

The First Challenge of Restoring Sam Houston State University’s Lost Stained Glass

This project had unique but not unconquerable challenges associated with it. For one, our team was creating a replication from almost nothing. In fact, we only had a picture from a 1962 yearbook to guide our way. However, using modern technology we were able to innovate and give this recreation the respect it deserved! We scanned the picture into the computer, then printed it out full size, we then painstakingly traced each line. After that, it was back into our CAD program for final touches and to resize it to twice the size–per the request of SHSU.  

The Second Challenge of Restoring Sam Houston State University’s Lost Stained Glass

The issue next issue is actually fairly common when restoring vintage stained glass. Sourcing materials used over a century ago is many times hard or impossible since many no longer exist. This is especially true for colors. This meant tapping into our network of conservation specialists to help us find glass in colors that were as close as possible to the originals. We then had our stained glass artists paint over each stained glass panel that did not match to make them exactly match the original hues. lTthe final look was exact! 

The Results of the Recreated Commemorative Stained Glass Window

This rewarding project took almost a year to complete and some areas with lots of shadowing needed over ten layers were used to create depth. All in all this lovely commemorative window has about 3,000- 4,000 pieces. More to the point, the university staff, board, and students were so happy with the lovely final product, and honestly, so were we!  We’re always honored to be a part of an amazing project to restore and preserve history for generations to come.






If you have a stained glass restoration or rebuild project we would love to speak to you about it too! Contact us at Salt Lake City Stained Glass today for a free consultation.

Beautify Your Salt Lake City Home with Remote Stained Glass Consultations

Finding ways to improve your home is always a great investment. When Salt Lake City homeowners start considering different renovation projects available, it is important to think about both beauty and function. While a major renovation isn’t ideal in our current situation, there are still other great, viable options for your home. Custom stained glass offers a wonderful way to improve your property, creating the perfect investment for any property.

The Benefits of Custom Stained Glass for Your Salt Lake City Home

Custom stained glass can be a wonderful addition to any part of your home including bedrooms, basements, bathrooms, entryways, kitchens, built-ins, cabinetry, home bars, and more. Stained glass can double as a privacy solution, offering an effective way to block the unwanted views into your home. Leaded glass and certain stained glass options can obstruct views without interfering with natural sunlight transmissions. This offers a bright, airy feel for your home while eliminating the need for unsightly window treatments and coverings. Custom stained glass can also give your home that unique, custom-build feel. Whether you’re already living in your forever home or are planning on selling in the future, custom stained glass is the perfect option for boosting your property value. Create stunning pieces of permanent art that differentiate your home.

Work with Salt Lake City’s Preferred Custom Stained Glass Studio

Salt Lake City Stained Glass is honored to be the preferred custom stained glass studio serving the Utah area. We are offering free virtual consultations and can help you with the entirety of your project from the comfort and safety of your own home. Work with our leading stained glass artisans to bring your vision to reality through hand-sketched custom designs.

For more information regarding custom stained glass for your Salt Lake City home, please contact us!

Stained Glass Art for Salt Lake City Homes, Businesses & Public Buildings

Artwork plays an important role in determining the ambiance and appearance of a space. While some art is better than no art, the right artwork can make a huge impact. It can affect your mood, alter your customer’s opinions, and even bring patrons back for a return visit. That’s why you should choose stained glass art for your Salt Lake City property.

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Beautiful Example of Using Stained Glass in Wedding Venues

Stained Glass makes a lovely feature in homes and on churches across the world. It is so stunning, in fact, that using it only in architectural settings only seems like a waste! That is why we decided to point out how gorgeous stained glass could be as a wedding setting! It refracts colors, reflects surroundings and its ubiquitously pretty designs are only a few of reasons why it should make an appearance at your upcoming Salt Lake City wedding this year!

A Stained Glass Wedding Backdrop

Finding a church with stained glass to get married under is pretty simple. But what if you are looking for an outdoor wedding? Or want a more secular location? In that case, you need to find a way to make stained glass come to you. Stained glass wedding backdrops are an idea but arguably hard to find–a wedding planner may have some ideas. Some spots offer stained glass backdrops as part of their wedding packages– like this one on Pinterest. If you want to go more DIY, try piecing together a few vintage stained glass panels like this one recommended by Martha Stewart.

A Stained Wedding Glass Cake

If finding the right stained glass backdrop at the right price proves too difficult–a stained glass cake could be an idea. Something like this is more affordable, easier to source and still gives you that stained glass charm. Plus, they are beautiful and delicious too. A real stunner, your stained glass wedding cake is something your guests will be talking about for years to come!

A Stained Glass Reception Seating Chart

Every bride wants a memorable seating chart. Plus making something traditionally boring into something people will be pinning for ages is an art! Therefore, a fantastic idea for seating charts is stained glass panels! Just look at this stunning stained glass panel seating chart. It demands attention and beautifully points guests to their tables.

Here at Salt Lake City Stained Glass, we have a lot of ideas on how you can incorporate stained glass into any event, home, church or business. Contact us today for a free consultation and some stained glass suggestions!

What Are the Different Types of Stained Glass?

When it comes to building your own custom stained glass window, there are endless design opportunities that can fuel your inspiration. With 20 different types of stained glass to play around with, you can accomplish virtually any effect or aesthetic. Each stained glass category has so many different styling options that can make your investment shine. Here are some of our favorite types of stained glass:

Our Favorite Types of Stained Glass for Salt Lake City Properties

  1. Full-antique: this handmade glass is defined by its vibrant coloring, translucency, as well as surface striations.
  2. Semi-antique: machine-made glass that’s translucent with single color, surface striations, and consistent thickness.
  3. Architectural: with a textured surface on one side and smooth surface on the other, architectural glass is usually clear but is available with some patterns.
  4. Cathedral: translucent, colored glass that’s either handmade or machine-made
  5. Craquel: full-antique glass that’s dipped in cold water while it’s hot to create a cracking pattern like an alligator.
  6. Flashed: antique glass with a second layer of color applied over the base color that can either be acidly etched or sandblasted away in order to create a design.
  7. Fractures and streamers: colored glass and thin glass rods create an opal or clear base sheet for a confetti glass look.
  8. Glue chip: cathedral glass applied with animal hide glue is sandblasted on one side, fired in the oven, and torn away to create a pattern.
  9. Iridescent: Cathedral or opalescent glass that’s coated with a thin layer of metallic salts to create a shimmer effect.
  10. Mirror: Clear float glass and colored art glass are coated with a reflective silver to create the mirrored effect.

Work with Salt Lake City’s Best Custom Stained Glass Studio

For more information regarding custom stained glass, please contact us!

5 Examples of Beautiful Stained Glass in Utah

Utah is definitely acclaimed for all its wonderful, unique stained glass collections. Stained glass has been used as an expressive art form throughout time for religious teachings, abstract artwork showcasing nature, and much more. With the popularity of stained glass continuing throughout the state of Utah, there are many notable stained glass windows that showcase truly amazing art.

Beautiful Stained Glass Collections Found in Utah

The First United Methodist Church features significant stained glass windows that their congregation holds very dear. The main stained glass window featured in their sanctuary features the scene where the women who went to Jesus’ tomb and were told by an angel that Jesus was not there. The humble stories of the Bible are embraced at this church through their beautiful stained glass collection. The Hill Air Force Base Chapel has some amazing custom stained glass artwork featuring a memorial stained glass window dedicated to the 384th Bomb Group. The First Presbyterian Church has large stained glass features that are filled with gorgeous colors that are lit up by the sun. The Utah Valley University has amazing stained glass that incorporates nature and space. These unique stained glass features are celebrated for their diversity and differing imagery.

Taking Inspiration from Noteworthy Utah Stained Glass for Your Salt Lake City Property

Salt Lake City properties that are looking to jump on the stained glass trend can really take advantage of all the gorgeous stained glass they’re surrounded by. Taking inspiration from these noteworthy stained glass pieces can really help fuel the right creativity. Custom stained glass is perfect for churches, homes, and businesses, providing a wonderful investment and one-of-a-kind artform for your property. Salt Lake City Stained Glass would love to help you bring your ideas to fruition!

For more information regarding custom stained glass for your Salt Lake City property, please contact us!

Creating Beautiful Stained Glass Designs for Any Budget with Salt Lake City Stained Glass

When it comes to beautiful stained glass, we believe that everyone should have the opportunity to have it. Whether you’d like to install stained glass features in your Salt Lake City home, church, or business, finding high-quality, custom stained glass can really deliver you the right investment while simultaneously delivering many other benefits. Salt Lake City Stained Glass really works hard with each and every client to ensure we meet their budget constraints without compromising on quality.
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What is Scottish Stained Glass?

Here at Salt Lake City Stained Glass, we’re often asked by our clients, “What is Scottish Stained Glass?” and “What sets Scottish Stained Glass apart from other stained glass?” Scottish Stained Glass refers to our acclaimed process that our founder and president, Martin Faith, has created over the past 30 years. Scottish Stained Glass promotes the highest quality custom stained glass available for Salt Lake City homes and businesses.

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How to Incorporate Stained Glass into Modern Architecture in Salt Lake City

Stained glass is renowned for its beautiful traditional application featured in many Salt Lake City churches, historic buildings, and homes. From powerful religious symbolism to symbolic heritage imagery, stained glass has served as a means for both decorative purpose and storytelling. Modern stained glass is definitely still up-and-coming, usually underestimated and not as well known. Stained glass’ versatility is showcased in contemporary stained glass and all the unique applications now more commonly seen throughout Salt Lake City’s commercial buildings and modern homes.
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