Bathroom Stained Glass


You’ll no longer have to open and close blinds or shades for privacy and light.

Entryway Stained Glass Salt Lake City


Improve your home’s privacy & safety with this stylish upgrade.

Hallway Stained Glass Windows Salt Lake City


Beautify hallways while adding privacy and elegance.

Kitchen Stained Glass Salt Lake City


Unique beauty to your kitchen windows, doors & cabinets.

Transom Leaded & Beveled Glass Salt Lake City


A beautiful accent to your homes high window areas.

Stained Glass Sidelights Salt Lake City


Improve your homes privacy while adding beautiful accents.

Stained Glass Restoration & Repair Salt Lake City

Repair & Restoration

Bring your stained & leaded glass back to life.

Frank Lloyd Wright Stained Glass Windows Salt Lake City

Frank Lloyd Wright

Incorporate this timeless style into your home today.

Temple & Church Stained Glass Salt Lake City

Temples & Churchs

Bring our one of a kind religious designs to your religious building.

Commercial Stained Glass Salt Lake City


Creating beautiful, unique designs for buildings of all kinds.

Welcome to Salt Lake City Stained Glass

Salt Lake City Stained Glass proudly servers the entire central Utah area with the nation’s highest quality stained glass windows. The local branch of Scottish Stained Glass, we are the largest studio of our kind in the United States we have spent 25 years serving residential, commercial, and religious clients with projects of all shapes and sizes. Often we provide residences with leaded, textured, and beveled glass that provides added privacy in entryway doors and sidelights, transoms, bathrooms, kitchens, hallways, and so much more. We work with a number of commercial clients to provide signage, repair and renovation, or new stained glass that meets their branding needs (often celtic or antique in nature). We also work with temples and churches of all sizes, denominations, and styles. In fact we recently won the contract for the LDS Temple in Fort Collins, Colorado.

Whether you are looking for a repair, a renovation, or beautiful new stained and leaded glass, contact us today to schedule your free consultation and learn more about our time tested process, extraordinary craftsmanship and stunning finished product.

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